Frequently Asked Questions


We are based in Bengaluru, India. ta.da started 5 years ago from our 3rd bedroom and still has traces of it in that room, though we have moved to a tiny stockroom for now.  We don't have a physical store, we are currently present online . But you could give us a call and schedule a prior appointment to visit our stockroom to see the wares.


All ceramic pieces (wares) are first, handmade by artisans, and hence no two products will be exact, there could be slight variations or imperfections in the finish. They are decorated with designs and fired at high temperatures. They don't fade or wear out with use, unless it's subjected to harsh washing and scratching on the surface.

All wares are food safe. We use no harmful chemicals on the products to make them. All of them are microwave and dishwasher safe, however metal ones like cutlery are not to be used in the microwave or dishwasher. Be gentle while hand washing without using harsh and abrasive scrubs, a gentle soap wash should be just fine. 

If you receive a damaged/broken product or the wrong order, let us know within 48 hrs of receiving the product and we’ll get it replaced as soon as possible.  If we have no stock to replace,  in such cases we refund that product amount or you could choose another product  or you could opt to have it delivered when it comes back in stock. We don’t have a return policy, if the reason is, “I don't like it then what”. We believe our customers make the right choices while buying our products.

We would love to work on bespoke tableware, please do email us your requirements, however please keep in mind that customizations require a minimum quantity to make it feasible for both of us. We do bulk orders as per your needs. Please feel free to email us at or call us on 9884198842.

Please feel free to email, message or call us on 9884198842 or from Monday to Friday between 10AM to 6PM. We usually respond to you within 24 hours of receiving your query. You could also message us on our social media channels Facebook or Instagram during the above mentioned times. 

This is one of the least ignored or asked questions. We are proud and happy to say that we mostly use coir sheets( waste fiber from coconut husks ) to pack our wares and in some cases if we have old leftover bubble wraps we reuse them to avoid dumping in the waste. Even the boxes are all hand me downs and reused. So in case you see a ta.da ware in an amazon or nike box, you know that we are a part of the circular economy .