The Artist

Armed with a Masters in Design and Art Direction from the prestigious Manchester University, Ranjini Nair worked her way through the world of advertising with stints in some of the country’s top ad agencies and has an award to her credit. But an art aficionado at heart, she soon decided to channel her energy to pursuing her own
creative expression.

Ranjini’s art stems from her own whimsical views of life. It appreciates the beauty in the ordinary and the humour in the routine. A freelance graphic designer, yoga enthusiast, amateur gardener, Mother-of-two, and a passionate homemaker, she draws inspiration from everything around her as she continues exploring new canvases for her designs.

Jagged mountains. Knobbly stones. Spindly trees with veiny leaves. The ocean is rough, the river winds and gurgles, and even the raindrops fall in an out-of-sync pitter-patter. Nothing in nature is what you’d call perfect. But, nature still is unanimously beautiful.

These sights and sounds of nature make us appreciate similar imperfections in everything around us. The idiosyncrasies of a friend, the minor niggles of a relationship, and even our own flaws.

Tada draws inspiration from these imperfections that make our world so special. The designs here seek harmony in chaos and form in the shapeless. Crude blobs, dense hand-drawn lines, and other curious motifs adorn its various collections. But behind the seemingly arbitrary is a grand celebration of Beautiful Imperfections.

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